New blog

Ok, I have finally gotten my act together and set up a new blog. The old one was based on BlogEngine.NET, which was really good to be honest. But it was getting old, and I needed to update it, so I decided to go for a new one instead. And after a bit of research I decided to go for a GitHub Pages based blog, using a custom theme.

In the future, I might do a blog post on how to get this set up, but right now I have a bit too much on my plate unfortunately. And also, there is a lot of documentation on the web around how to get it up and going. It wasn’t that hard to be honest.

And yes, there are probably a gazillion other options, and ways to get a blog running. And yes, running Jekyll on my own in a build pipeline somewhere probably offers me a bunch more control, and allows me to run plug-ins… But I just needed something up and running NOW. If I do decide to move to a custom Jekyll build, or potentially even another blog engine, I do believe that that should be fairly easy now that my blog posts are all in Markdown.

That brings me to all my old blog posts… Most of them are out of date and pretty useless, but I did decide to leave them up on the old blog Darkside Cookie. So if you are looking for any of the old stuff, it will still be there.

I do intend to move some of the old posts over to the new blog. At least the posts that still make sense to have in place. Not sue how many posts will get that treatment though…

Anyhow… Welcome to the new blog! Hopefully it has some information you need! If nothing else, it will fulfill my need to have a place to document things that I might need myself in the future! Nothing is as rewarding as Googling something and finding your own blog… ;)



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